What is Sex Therapy?
    Sex Therapy Is a therapeutic environment where accurate sexual information can be found. It is a
    place to come to address sexuality issues, sexual expression, and sexual dysfunction. It is a place
    to talk about sex in a non-shaming and accepting environment. It is a place to discuss sexual
    growth and how a client makes meaning of their own sexual desires.

Why go to a Sex Therapist?
    People see sex therapist for a variety of reasons.  Some couples come to therapy because they
    have stopped being sexual with each other. They may have found that anger and resentment has
    built up between them and one member of the couple loses their desire to have sex.  They may feel
    they no longer communicate well.  The longer they go without having sex the harder it is to begin
    having sex again.  They may come to a sex therapist to help them understand how anger and
    resentment are affecting their relationship.

What does a sex therapist do?
    Some times couples don’t have the expertise they need to effectively make love and are unable,
    because of shyness, fear or shame to talk about what they want sexually from their partners.  A
    sex therapist can help them learn to communicate their sexual needs, develop better sexual
    technique and overcome shyness, shame and fear associated with sexual inexperience and

How can a sex therapist help my partner and I deal with sexual problems?
    Sometimes a man may feel that he wants greater and longer control over his ejaculation.  He may
    be having problems having intercourse at all, because erectile dysfunction or premature
    ejaculation.  Sex therapy addresses those issues through medical referral and frank discussion
    augmented by teaching ejaculatory control techniques.

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